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How to Use Chlorine Tablets in a Hot Tub

Chlorine tablets are a commonly used method to sanitize hot tubs and eliminate bacteria. Consequently, its use has increased with the rise in inflatable hot tubs. However, acrylic hot tub manufacturers do not suggest the use of chlorine tablets due to reasons which we will explain later. Please ensure that you adhere to your hot tub manufacturer's recommendations to prevent any damage. In this guide, we will outline the advantages and disadvantages of tablets, provide instructions on how to use them, and address some commonly asked questions.


What are the Benefits of Chlorine Tablets?

The tablets dissolve slowly, which ensures consistent dosing over time and reduces the possibility of chlorine levels dropping below the recommended 3-5ppm on your chlorine test strips.

Chlorine tablets are a cost-effective option and arguably the most economical way to eliminate bacteria in a hot tub.

They provide a convenient solution for those who don't frequently use their hot tub as they slowly release chlorine over time. However, caution is necessary as using these tablets can


lead to reduced PH and Alkalinity levels due to their acidic nature.

It's important to note that long-term use of chlorine tablets may have adverse effects on hot tub equipment. To ensure proper PH balance in your hot tub, it's best to use a PH neutral product

like chlorine granules instead of chlorine tablets. Tablets can often create an excessive level of chlorine which can be harmful to the hot tub's components. It is essential to ensure that the levels of PH and alkalinity are balanced when using any hot tub sanitiser.


How to Use Chlorine Tablets in a Hot Tub?


Chlorine tablets should be placed in either a floating dispenser, an in-line chlorine feeder or a skimmer basket due to their slow dissolving nature. This placement guarantees the adequate flow required to dissolve the tablets and to prevent them from directly touching the hot tub surface, making them inaccessible to hot tub users.


The number of chlorine tablets required depends on various factors.

For compact hot tubs, it is advisable to use 1-3 tablets, while for bigger ones, 3-5 tablets are recommended. Unfortunately this question is complex and depends on various factors like water flow, usage, and hot tub size. It is recommended to regularly test the water after start-up and check the levels. In case the tablets fail to cope with the demand, adding more would be necessary, but if the chlorine level is too high, the amount should be reduced. Additionally, to counteract the slow dissolving properties of chlorine tablets, it may be necessary to intermittently supplement levels with chlorine granules or chlorine shock pots.


What Size Chlorine Tablets for a Hot Tub?

There are two sizes of chlorine tablet available on the market - the 200g large chlorine tablet (3-inch diameter) and the 20g small chlorine tablet (1-inch diameter). The larger 200g tablets are intended for swimming pools, while the smaller 20g tablets are suitable for hot tubs and small splasher pools. Due to the hot tub's limited water capacity, we do not recommend using large 200g swimming pool tablets as they can increase chlorine to damaging levels. Instead, only use 20g chlorine tablets specifically for hot tubs.


How long do chlorine tablets last in a hot tub?

Small 20g chlorine tablets will dissolve slowly over a period of 3-7 days, influenced by water flow, temperature, and hot tub usage. Ensure that you monitor the first batch of chemicals added to your hot tub to determine their dissolving time. This information will be useful for future reference.

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