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Works well

Good price, works well in the pool...!!!...

Excellent product

Thank you for the product


As far as I know, the chlorine tablets are ok. I haven't been home to see them yet. The delivery was horrible. Customer service isn't very good, as nobody responded when I complained about the poor delivery.

Very good product with a great price!

Chlorine Tsbd

Best price we found. Fast fulfillment of the order and shipping.

Chlorine tabs & floaters

Good stuff.Fast delivery .
As advertised..Thank you.

Items were packed great and the product is very good

Value for money and NO STABILISER!!!

I want tablets with chlorine not cyanuric acid and that’s what they sell. Before you jump all over me, think about it: you’re paying for stabilizer that never dissipates, becomes too concentrated defeating the whole object of the disinfection process and eventually requires emptying a third or so of your pool and refilling it with fresh water (upsetting every other chemical balance requiring more time, more effort and more money). Nope: buy the stabilizer separately, add it only when you need it and save money on the product WITHOUT the unwarranted and unnecessary additive! Totally recommend Hxeternal’s tub of tablets all of which were unbroken and smelled heavenly. Just as my pool looks! LOL

Very fast delivery, and exactly as presented

Chlorine Tablets 3 inch for Swimming Pool-Stabilized Pool Care

These tablets were thinner than the ones that I am use to getting. When measured against the ones that I still had on hand, they were approx. 1/4 thinner.

Chlorine 3" Tabs

I have ordered several times. Always fast delivery and NO broken tablets. Work really well in pool and 3 tablets will last a week in my 27' round pool in floater. Would recommend.

Good Chlorine!

Chlorine came fast and wasn't too expensive, the least expensive by far from what I saw!

Not 50#. Actual weight (including bucket) 44#

I was surprised when I weighed the bucket of tabs that it was only 44#. A pound off might be reasonable, but 6# less is a rip-off.

Chlorine Tablets 3 inch for Swimming Pool-Stabilized Pool Care

Chlorine tabs

The product arrived as predicted all wrapped individually. The box is a bit hard to handle 50 lbs in a cardboard box is a bit too much. A handle or other attachment would make it esear. Due to the weight, the bottom tabs get crushed and in transit the delicate cardboard box doesn't hold up to the handling.
Too early to tell about the efficiency of the product, but I'll be happy to return and give a review later on.

Great product and price

Order arrived quickly, free shipping. The price for the times is very competitive and the product appears to be of high quality. Bonus that each puck is individually wrapped.

3 inch chlorine tabs

That's a great deal appreciate it they work well thanks

Chlorine Tablets 3 inch for Swimming Pool-Stabilized Pool Care

Quantity wrong

4.14 pounds of chlorine not 5 pounds.Beware.

Best price

Product arrived promptly. Packaging looks good and I like the square tub better than round for some aftermarket uses, like hydroponic tomato buckets. I suspect there are very few factories actually producing chlorine tablets because it is a standardized commodity product that takes special facilities to produce, so I would expect these to work about the same as any other. Would buy again.

Chlorine Tablets 3 inch for Swimming Pool-Stabilized Pool Care

great product

each tablet is wrapped separately so when you open the bucket you are not overwhelmed with chlorine smell. and cheaper delivered than pick up from my local pool supply store